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Transitioning into Tech…

For the last decade, since graduating college, I’ve made it my mission to never stop learning. I’ve worked in nearly every industry since then and a multitude of occupations(pharmacy/real estate/culinary/rideshare) to really learn about myself and the endless possibilities one is afforded in the digital age. Fast forward to quarantine 2020, and having the chance to be home all day gave me alot of time to reflect on my past and gave me an opportunity to play around with computer programming. Coding was a blessing in disguise because of how much I didn’t see it coming. If someone asked me as a kid what my career path would look like, computer science might’ve been the last answer I would’ve given. But not because I didn’t like it, but more so the educational learning tools back then were not as sophisticated and it was hard to see the potential of what you could accomplish. But times are different now and the educational tools, along with the all the finished products that people have built whether they are games, applications, or networks, were really intriguing and it feels like we have just scratched the surface. Although its been over two decades or so since big social networks like Facebook have changed the world, tech seems to be coming out with bigger and better things on a daily basis.

Anyways, I’ve learned alot in the last year through various platforms especially through sites like Medium that helped me understand many of the more advanced concepts in programming. This publication is really my own journal entry to keep tabs on my progress and look back on. I’ve enrolled myself into one of these coding bootcamps which starts tomorrow and I’m excited for the journey ahead!

Forever learner of things